Accounts Receivable

Content includes:

  • Here we will go through the Customer Setup in detail with Temporary Credit Limits.
  • We will go through the full sales processing function from Free-Hand Quotes, Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Delivery Advice (New in Palladium V10).
  • You will also see how we can now create more than one Delivery Advice or Sales Order to one or more Customer Invoice.
  • We will go through returns using Credit Notes and Credit Requests (New in Palladium V10).
  • Other areas covered include Receipt Processing, Cycle Billing, Interest Billing and Collection Letters.

Accounts Receivable

Support Documents

Training Manual - Accounts Receivable.pdf
SUP034 -AutomaticCreditNoteAllocation.pdf
SUP036 - CreditNoteAuthorisations.pdf
SUP035 - SalesDiscountMatrix.pdf
SUP040 - Item Upselling.pdf
SUP044 - FreehandQuotes.pdf
SUP091 - Delivery Advices.pdf
SUP106 - Understanding Customer Credit Control.pdf
SUP111 - Receipts to Sales Orders & Credit Requests.pdf
SUP112 - Salesperson Processing.pdf
SUP113 - Customer Sales Discounts.pdf

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