Content includes:

  • We will go through the Inventory Setup, Inventory Requisitions and Issues.
  • Process Adjustments, Transfers, Stock Counts and perform Inventory Forecasting to set reorder levels.
  • Understand how to apply the Barcode loader, Item Cost Updater, Bulk Label Printing, Inventory Item Repackaging (New in Palladium V10).
  • Assembly (Kitting), Generate Work Orders and view the Production Schedule.
  • Setup and process using Inventory Dimensions and learn how to apply factors such as M2 in a standard box.
  • Use Inventory Price Lists as standard price lists or an automated mark-up on cost and learn how to set pricing through the system or through import/export to Excel.
  • Use Contract Pricing, Price Discount Matrix, Setup Inventory Locations, Item Numbering, Conventions, Serial and Lot number Tracking (New in Palladium V10) with Lot Number expiry dates.

User Warehouse Access Control

Container Items

Adjust Documents

Upsell Items

Delivery Costs


Item Weights & Packaging

Support Documents

SUP073 - Inventory Extended Descriptions.pdf
SUP086 - Inventory Integration & Negative Qty On Hand Updates.pdf
SUP087 - Inventory Item Dimensions - Palladium Software.pdf
SUP094 - Serial number and Lot Tracking.pdf
SUP099 - Assembly.pdf
SUP102 - Item Images - Palladium Software.pdf
SUP104 - Vendor Inventory Pricing.pdf
SUP107 - Container Items.pdf
SUP109 - Inventory Reorder Optimisation.pdf
SUP110 - Inventory Reorder Forecasting.pdf
Training Manual - Inventory.pdf

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